Mar 24, 2014

got the t-shirt

Life is about experiences, in my opinion. As a species, we love to tell stories and stories are, after all, just a bunch of significant experiences that a character/bunch of characters have. The people we meet; the things we do; the places we see; the fears we overcome and the things we accomplish; - all of these make up our lives, our stories.

In order to fully experience or make the most of an experience, we have to be wholly present, aware, and not have our attention pulled into 10, 6 or even 2 different directions. We do like to do many things at once, so this attention and awareness take practice. We also need to let go of the drama and a constant need to be slightly over stimulated. Not every experience needs to be super-awesometastic. It simply has to be an event that creates a bookmark in our life. And sometimes it is the little things that do it - the smile, the organised closet, having time for hugs, still holding hands at 40, the long-planned trip with your 4-year-old to see some snakes and hold a crocodile... Most often, it is the little things that do it.

And these things count in the overall scheme if things. These things don't make you famous or make others long to be like you, but they bring joy into the world and this, in my opinion, is far a greater accomplishment than any materialistic surface layer we try to connect with in our daily lives.

It's not the easiest thing to be fully present these days. Despite believing that our inventions and creations make life easier, we are actually working harder every decade. Which means we have to do more per minute in order to have fully rounded lives with careers, families and friends. This type of life works as a choice for some people. For some people it just doesn't, and it is a sad thing to know that in our modern times we tend to look down on those for whom the rat race does not work. We often forget that most movements of empowerment fought for the right to choose the way we would like to walk, as opposed to being expected to walk down a certain road. We don't like that which is different and as such we forget that our world works because of its diversity. There is a place, space, and requirement for all types in this world.

And so, after 36 years of various life experiences, I finally took a leap and resigned my job. I am one of the few people who can't work in the very busy corporate world that reigns today. It is not a bad structure, but it certainly isn't for me. I held on for a long time trying to find a fit, but sooner or later things need to stop being a struggle.

And I quit Facebook. Who needs to be connected all the time to people who aren't a part of your life anymore? Some still were in my case, but those people I have in my phonebook or on my email list and I talk to them regularly. For the first few weeks, I actually found myself not knowing what to do with my opinions or the events of my life. I had no one to tell!! After a few weeks, though, I remembered that this is actually how the world operates, or did operate BFB (Before FaceBook) and rather than being distracted by trying to share what was happening in my world, I had freed myself to fully delve into each significant experience, to create bookmarks for my life.

I started teaching yoga full-time. This allows me more time with the kids, to deepen my studies and even time to cook (I don't like cooking for those that don't know me, but it is an experience I am willing to create for the sake of my family and my health - it's not so bad sometimes). This is one of those super-awesometastic experiences that also just happened to be extremely frightening. And I am loving every minute of it! Ah well, maybe not every minute. We are blessed with a beautiful 7 month old who doesn't yet sleep through the night, so I struggle to enjoy every minute of anything. For the most part, though, I am thoroughly enjoying my new journey, my new experience. I have met some wonderful people, gone to some pretty cool places on the guidance of my 4-year-old, and I have delved into a whole new level of relating to my kids, as well as my wonderful husband-lover-friend-motivator.

I do believe we should all have a chance to follow a path the suites our heart. I do believe that life feels significant if we are able to be present for the experience of, well... life. The small things. The big things. The things we change and the things we throw away. Experience it all, embrace it all and revel in all that being human is truly about.

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