Apr 29, 2014

so far so good...

Since cleaning out my blog, I haven't posted a lot. Therefore, those that have been reading my blog should know that I recently quit my job. Recently being the end of January. Here's how that's been going:

We re-designated some of the rooms in our house and I was able to open a small yoga studio at home. Currently moving into a larger space is not in the stars, since we have neither the capital, nor the students yet, but who knows where the future will lead.
We started out with just the regulars (3 students), but in February, we already added 3 students.
In March, we added another 2, and in April we added to regulars although we also had 2 people who came in and decided that my studio was not for them. *This is ok, there are more than enough yoga teachers in the world for each person to find one that suits his/her personality.
I started off with 2 classes weekday mornings, and 2 classes in the evening, along with a Saturday class. From May, the growth in students have required that I add another 2 classes in the evenings, and due to enquiries and demand, 2 Teen Classes in the afternoon.

All this just means the studio is growing and because it does so, I am able to rest in the knowledge that this choice was the right one and that I will be able to continue to do what I so thoroughly enjoy doing.

for fast-acting relief, try taking it slow.....
I originally planned to host workshops on Wednesday evenings, but I will have to put that reasoning aside for now. Previously, I had a chair yoga workshop, as well as a yoga Nidra workshop which were both received very well. I am a little sad that I won't be able to have regular mini workshops for my students, but hopefully, I will be able to work out another option.

Apart from the yoga studio, my new livelihood, I have also been delving into some kitchen shenanigans (healthy eating, juicing, making smoothies, snacks and such, as well as making some basics like nut milk and hummus, rather than buying it), spending creative time in awareness with my girls and reconnecting with some of my old friends. These are all things I always said I wanted to do but had no time for. Right now baby no 2 is still taking up quite some time, but as soon as things settle I am also planning to get back to some of my other passions like writing, studying and gardening. And blogging ;).

I realise that for a lot of people, following their bliss does not always work out, or that the life they envisioned just does not happen. Of course, dreams change too, as we grow and change. It has been a very interesting journey, making sure the life I always said would be actually ended up being once I followed my bliss. Busy is but one aspect of it. Fun is another. Content is very close to accurate. Mostly what I realised is that I am not the deadline, corporate type; I don't do well with a sedentary lifestyle; I do best in a space where I am constantly learning and growing. Definitely not the type for the office job I once held. There was a time I thought I was, and when I got bored I would just change it up a little. Only when I could no longer grow or change, did I notice how discontent I was, how I had kept on moving to keep myself from noticing what required my attention. I subsequently started a lot of soul-searching and introspecting, related to the fact that I was just not very happy, or at the very least, yearning for something more. What I initially only suspected, has finally been confirmed. Some people think I changed, but I know that it just took me almost 28 years to remember who I really was, to get in touch with the core of myself. And just 36 to step into the life I gave myself permission for.

Of course, I am not judging the corporate world or those that thrive in it, but I do think that people fall into very clear personality types and it is hazardous to put person not suited to it, in a state that leaves them unable to reach a potential their soul may strive for. That is a lot of negative energy to create in the world...

Getting back on point: This is what my journey has brought me so far, where I currently stand. What does the future hold for me? Who knows? But thus far, it has been one heck of a journey which all culminated into this year. If it had not been for the whole long winding road I walked along my 36 years, I would not have been where I am right now. But since right now holds a whole lot of feeling blessed, content and bliss, I am not going to speculate on what would have happened had I travelled the yoga studio path sooner, or decided on a whole other path altogether. Right now and right here is feeling all sorts of perfect,and therefore, I respect the journey that brought me here and the person that I am now because of it.
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