Jan 22, 2016

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HYTA Discipline and Orientation Course

The aim of this course is to provide students with a firm grasp of the Yogic Philosophy and all its relative components, as well as its history. The course will also assist students to adapt and use these components as a daily part of their life in order to facilitate their own spiritual growth.

The course is divided into 3 sections (terms) each lasting 3 months. Those students that whish to accredited themselves as Yoga Teachers will attend a 4th term. It is our aim to turn out students that comprehend the formation of Yoga, how the various aspects of the philosophy relate to their life and spiritual growth now, and how to use the components daily.

During this course students will learn the history and philosophy of yoga, the physical practices including (but not limited to) the asanas, meditation methods, mantras, and the energy system of the body. Although not a school, students are expected to commit to this course with the same diligence. Knowledge will be tested throughout the course to ensure that the students are on track and that no one is left behind.

Those students that wish to acquire a Yoga Teacher’s Diploma, will be required to attend a 4th term. During this term they will start practicing their teaching skills before a final exam is taken. The 4th term takes place at the same time as the 1st term so that future teachers can start practicing their teaching skills through teaching new students. During this term, future teachers will also be given guidance on the nuts and bolts of running a studio, or teaching yoga for a living.

Once the course has been completed, we aim for students of 3 terms to have detailed knowledge of how the components of will assist and support their life spiritually, physically and mentally.

Once a student has been accredited as a teacher, we will have ensured that he/she is fully equipped to translate this knowledge to a yoga asana class and provide any students of their own with both physical and spiritual guidance in yoga.

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