Lunula Yoga Studio

Yoga Class Schedule

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8.10 – 9.20 AM

Adult Class
Adult Class
Adult Class
Adult Class

8.30 – 10 AM

Adult Class

6 – 7.10 PM

Adult Class

Adult Class

6.20 – 7.30 PM

Adult Class

Adult Class

There will be no classes on public holidays.
The studio will be closed from the 15th of December until the 15th of January each year, as well as for a week over the Easter holidays (more or less) and a week in August. Full membership fees will apply except for the December/January holiday, for which arrangements will be sent through. If you do not want to pay full class fees during this time, drop in class fees will apply.
On full monthly fees, there will is a family-, pensioners-, and student discount available. Please enquire if you are interested. Only one type of discount can be applied at a time.
Private classes and workshops can be arranged. For more information, please email me on
Fees – Adult Classes
1st class                                  FREE
Drop in class                          R90 / class
1 class per week                   R300 / month                       
2 classes per week               R500 / month           
unlimited classes                  R700 / month
Feeskids classes
1st class                                       FREE
Drop in class                               R70 / class
1 class per week                         R250 / month
2 classes per week                     R400 / month
Fees are payable in advance and are due on the 1st of each month.

How to approach your yoga class
-        Each class has a focused development, but all areas will be addressed in each class.
ALL CLASSES will have variations for all levels of fitness, flexibility and strength.
-        Come a few minutes earlier in order to get settled. Classes will start strictly on time. If you are a little late, enter quietly, and settle into the resting posture before starting. Take a couple of deep breaths, don’t just jump into postures if they have started, rather centre for a few minutes and then start with a new sequence once you are ready.
-        Please remove your shoes before entering the class space.
-        Switch off you cellphone. Don’t put them on silent, switch them off or remove them from the classroom.
-        Please bring your own yoga mat (if you need to arrange a mat while you determine whether you like yoga as a regular practice, please let me know).
-        Classes are presented in a general manner; At all times pay attention to your body and don’t strain or force anything.

-        Your yoga practice is a personal and non-competitive practice. Do the class for yourself and refrain from engaging your fellow students in talk.